Snactiv Review

Snactiv Review: Being a online game lover myself, I always struggled having snacks while playing game. Specially when you are playing online game like PUBG which is my favorite, distractions for few seconds can mean life and death.

I usually had tons of napkins along whenever i was to have snacks while playing game online. However this whole hustle is now no more required.

Snactiv Review
Snactiv Review

With snactiv you can have snacks, without getting your hands all greasy and you can still play game on pc or smartphone without any disctraction.

I am in love with this gadget, which you can find for under $10 on online stores.

So lets dive into snactiv details:

There’s no need to worry about dirty fingers or devices when using SNACTIV.

Designed for ages 14 and up, the finger slots are flexible and soft to the touch. This product is made of FDA Compliant and Dishwasher Safe materials that are free of BPA and Phthalates.

This device can also stand on its own, with the tips not touching any surface.

Snactiv Review
Snactiv Review

Online review of Snactiv

Review #1

It’s fantastic! Wear it and forget about it until the time comes. A few weeks into using this, I realized I was constantly wiping snack crumbs from my shirt or pants. I had become so accustomed to it that I had no idea I was doing it. I can’t eat anything without one of these now.
If you need to scratch your face for any reason, just be aware that it’s the perfect length and location to jab yourself in the eyeball.

Review #2

After seeing it on Shark Tank, I decided to buy it for my 8-year-old daughter. Every day after school, he plays PS5 with a snack in his hand. Because of this, he’s left a lot less “yuck” on the controller. Additionally, he has been diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder, which causes him to have some developmental delays. In addition to improving his fine motor skills, he’ll benefit from using this tool because it keeps his fingers clean, which can be a source of frustration for him.

When I first purchased this item, it arrived quickly. It didn’t go as planned. A chip or a cracker could not be held in place with the tongs because of the way they were twisted. There was too much of a distance. I contacted Snactiv and they sent me a new one after a few simple questions. It was a pleasure to work with them.

Review #3

I ordered these after seeing them on Shark Tank. Yes, they do exactly what they’re supposed to do. Keep your hands and keyboard clean while typing with them. Because I eat a single nut or chip at a time, they also slow down my snacking because I don’t eat a bunch at once. For me, it’s a huge advantage. I haven’t tried using them in place of chopsticks, but I think they’d be a lot more convenient and efficient. I was pleased to support a small business with a high-quality product thanks to this brilliant idea.

Review #4

My sister-in-law was the inspiration for this. Cheetos and buttered popcorn are two of her favorite snacks, but she refuses to eat them and doesn’t always have chopsticks with her. She squealed with delight and appreciation when she received these as a gift in the mail. How frequently does this occur?

Review #5

My boyfriend and I enjoy snacking while playing video games, and this makes it easy for us to grab snacks like chips, popcorn, bite-sized carrots, candy, and more. In our hands, it’s easy to use a controller, keyboard, and mouse at the same time.

Review #6

On Shark Tank, I saw these. I figured they’d be perfect for a quick snack while I work on my computer. My apologies for being so uninformed. Anything that is easily broken, such as potato chips, will do so in an instant. You can’t pick them up even if you put less pressure on them. They’re just sitting on my desk, collecting dust. They’re not worth the effort of returning. They might make a good chew toy for my cat.

Review #7

Impatience led me to order a different brand on Amazon instead of Snactiv because it was less expensive. The Snactiv is a superior product because it’s comfortable to hold, has grippy things (??) on the end that make it so easy to grab anything, and the plastic is extremely flexible, making it a breeze to use. I’ve

Review #8

However, after a while, the product’s central bend began to crack due to wear and tear. As long as there are better grip pads on the tips, I’ll buy the more durable pair (maybe mechanical springs like clothespins?). As things stand, I’ll have to deal with the disappointment of having to use my previously fancy chopsticks without the finger mounts. Despite the fact that I could simply attach them to a clothespin…

Review #9

My snactiv was a lot of fun to use. I’m inclined to buy another. In the end, it broke in the hinge area after a month of regular use Even though I’m not sure if I’m using them incorrectly, or the design is just shoddy; I’d advise caution.

Review #10

To avoid getting my fingers dirty, I often fantasize about munching on something tasty while working on a project or on the PC. I’ve used traditional chopsticks for a long time, but I always have to pick them up and put them in my hand because they keep rolling around.

Despite their unflattering appearance, the soft finger grips and silicone coating make these an excellent premium product, making the price premium over the knockoffs well worth it. They don’t budge when you grab them, and that makes them a snap to use. To me, it’s worth the $10 difference if you don’t hate it for a year or more, so go with the more expensive option.

Snactiv Review
Snactiv Review