Snacklins Net Worth

Snacklins Net Worth: When Samy Kobrosly, one of the co-founders of Snacklins, made his first appearance on the reality series, the business was bringing in an average of $5,000 a week from online sales and could hardly keep up with production. “more sales than we’d ever had before,” he said on Friday’s episode. The firm exceeded $100,000 in revenue after the company’s plant-based crisps made their debut on a national television program shortly after the company’s launch.

Since then, Snacklins has significantly increased the size of its facility in Rockville, to which the company relocated in 2019 after it outgrew its previous location at Union Kitchen in the District of Columbia. The snack manufacturer has also increased its workforce from ten to around twenty-seven people and expanded into 2,500 shops throughout the nation. These stores include Giant Food, Whole Foods Market, Stop & Shop, MOM’s Organic Market locations, as well as others. According to what Kobrosly said on the broadcast, Snacklins has topped $5.3 million in sales over the course of these two years.

Snacklins Net Worth
Snacklins Net Worth

Snacklins has undergone “a big rebrand” in conjunction with its expansion into other outlets, which has resulted in the company producing ten times the amount it was producing two years ago, as stated by CEO Kevin Blesy in an email to us.

According to Blesy, even though the pandemic had a significant impact on the food business, the new company was not forced to halt operations or reduce its workforce. As a food maker, we already had strong health and safety regulations in place; nonetheless, we took the effort to make sure that our production crew was still comfortable in their day-to-day responsibilities. We were able to capture demand wherever our customers bought since we have a presence both online and in traditional brick-and-mortar retail outlets. This was particularly helpful during the height of the lockdown measures.

According to what Kobrosly informed us at the time, the firm had a goal of $10 million for 2020 before the pandemic struck but has since decided not to divulge its yearly revenue or estimates for the year 2022. However, we do know that the business made $2 million in 2019.

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According to Blesy, the company’s current goals include bringing on “a solid pipeline of more merchants” over the next year, launching new flavors and packaging sizes, and ramping up advertising everywhere around the nation.

Following the conclusion of the October 2019 episode, Cuban maintains his relationship with the Snacklins crew and continues to collaborate with Kobrosly.

What is Snacklins worth?

In 2019, Cuban shared with us the following information: “All you need to know is that we practically go through boxes of Snacklins every month at my place.” We use them for everything: snacking, dips, breaking them up on salads, and just about everything else you can think of since they are low in calories, tastes excellent, and have extremely clean ingredients. When I travel, I get them to be brought to my hotel room so that I may munch on them there.

During that time, he was quoted as saying, “My only regret is that I couldn’t acquire more of the firm.” “Snacklins are great.”

It should come as no surprise that FM DJ Samy Kobrosly is the father of Snacklins since he is an entertainer, a former radio personality turned food entrepreneur and someone who knows how to delight a crowd. Before he started Snacklins, he was a radio DJ and worked in a variety of establishments, including pubs and restaurants.

Snacklins Net Worth
Snacklins Net Worth

Kobrosly and a chef buddy of his came up with the concept for Snacklins as a practical joke. They believed it would be humorous to manufacture vegan versions of pig cracklings. But hold for a second… I think you may be onto something there! Because pig cracklings are so popular, why not try your hand at making a plant-based version?

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A few months later, the two of them refined the delectable and nutritious alternative to junk food.
In the beginning, all of Kobrosly’s products were made in his basement using a single deep fryer. This performance has relocated to the pub of a friend. Finally, he was able to construct his own facility with the assistance of the food business accelerator Union Kitchen. This allowed him to boost output while still retaining complete control over the process.

When Kobrosly first approached the Sharks with his business plan, he requested an investment of $250,000 in exchange for a 2.5 percent ownership in the company at a value of $10 million. This request stunned the Sharks.

What is Snacklins made of?

As a reaction to this, Corcoran referred to Kobrosly as a “cheapskate,” while Sharks Rohan Oza and Kevin O’Leary questioned Kobrosly’s line of reasoning.

On the broadcast, Oza said that “This is the sportiest valuation I’ve seen in a while.” “A $10 million value! Samy, I really hope you make a successful sale today,” O’Leary said.

Kobrosly disclosed to the investors that he only owns thirty percent of the company. He stated that he had distributed a ten percent stake to each of the company’s original employees, a move that Cuban referred to as “awesome.” Angel investors as well as family members also own a portion of the business.

Snacklins Net Worth
Snacklins Net Worth

Cuban was not opposed to the value of Snacklin; nonetheless, he was worried about the share that was provided in exchange for an investment. Additionally, he was concerned about the fact that Kobrosly only owned thirty percent of the corporation, and he wanted to be “fair.”

However, Kobrosly wanted to have a Cuban player on his squad. During the incident, Kobrosly said to Cuban, “I believe a strategic partner like you is what I built this up for.” Cuban agreed with Kobrosly’s assessment. “When I first started working here, I had absolutely nothing. I am making good on the promise of the American dream. “I am an American of Muslim faith who is now competing on the show ‘Shark Tank’ selling a vegan alternative to pig rinds.”

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Cuban made the proposal to Kobrosly, offering him $250,000 in exchange for a 5% ownership position and 5% of the advisory shares. It was okay with Kobrosly.

Kobrosly said, “I cannot believe that I just signed a deal with the Mark Cuban,” and he was sincere in his sentiment. “He can truly illustrate that Snacklins is an accessible snack and help us get there,” we said of him.

It is not easy to explain the concept of a “Snacklin” to someone who has never actually had one of these treats before. They are described as “impossibly crispy, amazingly airy, low-calorie crisps produced from basic ingredients” on the website of the firm that makes them. kosher, verified free of genetically modified organisms, does not contain gluten or grains, and is vegan. 90 calories per bag.”

The creators of the firm tell the narrative that the product was first conceived of as a joke amongst friends to produce a vegan alternative to pork rinds, and the product does have a similar texture and appearance to pig rinds. However, after trying some of the food, I believe that what has been developed is a plant-based snack that is nutritious, low in calories, and delicious.

Simple vegan components like yuca, mushrooms, and onions are used to make Snacklins, which are currently available in four different flavors: barbeque, Chesapeake bay, nacho, and teriyaki. This helps Snacklins maintain its distinctive market position. When co-founder Samy Kobrosly went on Shark Tank on October 20, 2019, he was assisted by the company’s distinctiveness. Because of Kobrosly’s presentation, billionaire Mark Cuban decided to make an investment of $250,000 in the firm. In return, Kobrosly will get a 5 percent ownership in the business along with a 5 percent advisory share position.

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