How heavy is guts sword

How heavy is guts sword: Guts has a height of around 1.90 meters when she is standing in her most erect position. The height of the Dragon Slayer remains the same throughout the series, and the approximate weight of the blade is calculated to be 220 pounds (99.8 kilograms).

How heavy is guts sword
How heavy is guts sword

Due to the difficulty of the situation, I would be interested in viewing an image of Guts and the Dragonslayer in which the latter is seen from the rear without his cape. Even if a picture is worth a thousand words, there are situations in which further information or explanation is necessary.

The images show the hinge that keeps Guts’ sword sheathed, which is an intriguing side point. [Citation needed] If he intended to kill an opponent, and in order to do it, he had to unhook the blade first, I just don’t see how he could accomplish it that rapidly.

Godot believed the Dragon Slayer was ineffective as a weapon owing to its weight; nonetheless, Guts unearths it during a battle against a nameless wandering apostle, and the Black Swordsman uses it to kill the apostle with two fast strikes.

After that, Guts goes on a killing rampage against the demonic realm, utilizing the Dragon Slayer to dispose of evil spirits, possessed animals, and apostles in particular. Godot decides to reforge the Dragon Slayer two years later when Guts pays him a visit at his house. Godot observes the Dragon Slayer’s wear and tear, and he makes the decision to do so.

There is a high degree of transparency regarding the manner in which the blade is squeezing his back. The hook, which operates more like a pin, makes it very easy to remove the blade from its hilt.

On top of that, the author does not always illustrate each and every particular aspect of the story. As shown in the picture on the right, the leather belt that would ordinarily be used to attach the tip of the sword is similarly covered. In spite of this, it looks as though the sword is tilted ever-so-slightly to one side. I am going to presume that the author was either rushed for time or unwilling to put in the effort.

If it were human-sized, the hook that is between the shoulder blades would slide into the loop with relative ease; however, returning the sword to its cradle at the end of the leather belt would be a considerably more struggle.

The cutting strength of the Dragon Slayer is substantially amplified when handled by a Berserker Guts, who is able to use it to breach Grunbeld’s cannon fire-repelling barrier as well as the corundum skin that covers the dragon-actual apostle’s form, which is rumored to be more resilient than steel.

The Dragon Slayer has been fortified with the blood of an uncountable number of apostles, pseudo-apostles, and other malevolent astral entities. This has given the Dragon Slayer a particularly hard exterior. Because of this, the blade is now more powerful than it has ever been before, and it is able to inflict major harm on even the most fearsome of monsters and evil spirits. This includes the Sea God and the guises of the members of the God Hand.

How heavy is guts sword
How heavy is guts sword

There is a widespread misconception that the Dragon Slayer has already been put to use to put an actual dragon to sleep; however, this assertion is not accurate. On the other hand, the illustration that appears on the front cover of volume 3 of the manga depicts a dragon whose head has been severed, and Godot describes the sword as having “bisected” a dragon. Additionally, Guts was able to easily win the battle against Grunbeld, the dragon apostle, by using it.

Guts began training with gigantic blades when he was just six years old and quickly became competent with them. When he was just nine years old, he launched his first assault on a stronghold with a bastard sword. A few years later, he upgraded to a longsword, and a few years after that, he used the longsword to execute a high-ranking enemy general. At the time, Guts was just 15 years old when he dispatched Bazuso with a gigantic two-handed sword.

Nobody, not even Guts, has ever been capable of using the Dragon Slayer in an appropriate manner. Isidro gets stuck under it as he tries to lift it while Guts is being taken captive, and it takes two Holy Iron Chain Knights to even raise it in the first place.

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