How tall is bryce parker

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His stature is that of a 5-foot 8-inch man.

How tall is bryce parker
How tall is bryce parker

Professional TikTok performer Bryce Parker. As a result of her clever and timely TikTok videos, she has become very popular. He also uses TikTok to promote his work as a dance, POV, and comedy video artist, and he has over 820,000 followers. His online alias was “@bryceparker,” and you could find him on Twitter.

His debut video on the platform with the caption “Yeah so this is the coolest filter ever produced,” and he has since collaborated with the likes of @jeanvictorm, @blakethegoatt, @connor5lee, and many more on TikTok. His “ZSmitty on my fyp” TikTok was also released to the public.

In addition, he is popular on the video-sharing platform TikTok because of the creative video edits, upbeat recordings, and lip syncs he creates. Moreover, you can follow him on Instagram at @imbryceparker. A prominent Snapchat user formerly known as bparker100, he just changed his handle to brycepark24. Formerly, he was known on the app.

To our knowledge, no rumors or controversies have been linked to him. He has decided to focus more on his career on social media.

Bryce Parker weighs in at roughly 72 kg and stands at a respectable 5 feet, 8 inches tall. Light brown hair and brown eyes are two of his distinguishing physical features.

He has a massive fan base across all of his social media platforms because of his internet celebrity. A round seventy-two thousand people follow Bryce on Instagram. On Snapchat, he goes by the handle @brycepark24.

It’s safe to assume that he has more than 850,000 TikTok fans and 26,000,000 likes. Outside of making TikTok videos and posting to Instagram, Bryce Parker has said that he enjoys singing, dancing, surfing, traveling, and photography. He was a high school basketball player and he enjoys playing the guitar.

a user whose dance, POV, or humor videos have garnered them over 2.8 million followers on TikTok. His first year in the Hype House was 2022.

As an example, the description for his oldest video reads, “Yeah so this is the nicest filter ever done.”

When he was originally joined on Snapchat, his username was bparker100, but he later changed it to brycepark24. He once shared videos on TikTok under the username. He helps the Vivid House crew out with his writing talents.

How tall is bryce parker
How tall is bryce parker

He spent his whole life in the Atlanta metropolitan region. It was in May of 2021 that he shared a TikTok video in which his mom made an appearance. Bryan is his dad’s name. Rachel Brockman was a former love interest of his.

The former Breezy House member raps on his time with the crew in a video titled “ZSmitty on my fyp,” posted on TikTok. Other than Bryce’s past connections, we have almost little information regarding this. If that’s the case, he could be single and on the lookout for love. Beyond that, it’s obvious that many young guys have a crush on him due to his attractiveness and likability.

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How old is bryce parker

By 2021, Bryce Parker will have been around the age of 19. He was born on October 20, 2002. In astrological terms, he is a Libra.

Weight of bryce parker

His stature is that of a 5-foot 8-inch man, and his weight is around 72 kg.

Parents of bryce parker

He was born and reared in the Atlanta region. In May of 2021, he uploaded a TikTok video in which his mother made an appearance. His father’s name is Bryan. He had a former connection with Rachel Brockman.

Wife of bryce parker

There is currently nothing online about Bryce Parker’s wife.

How tall is bryce parker
How tall is bryce parker

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