Will Hardie Wikipedia

Will Hardie Wikipedia: Hardie was born in Edinburgh in 1862 and received his education there at Circus Place School and Edinburgh University, from which he graduated with an undergraduate Master of Arts (MA Hons) degree in 1880. After that, he attended Balliol College in Oxford, from which he received his BA and then his MA degrees.


Will Hardie Wikipedia
Will Hardie Wikipedia

He was recognised as the “most brilliant undergraduate classicist of his time” and was given the Gaisford Prize for Greek Prose and the Gaisford Prize for Greek Verse in 1882. In addition, he received a number of additional accolades.

After being elected to a fellowship at Balliol in 1884, he travelled for a year, primarily in Greece and Italy, before returning to his alma mater. From 1884 until 1895, he worked as a Fellow and Tutor at Balliol, and he also served as the university’s Junior Proctor during the academic year of 1893–1894.

In a letter to John Stuart Blackie, he explained that the kind of Greek that he taught at Balliol was “simple, pronounceable, and comprehensible to the ear.” “When I speak Greek, I usually make it a point to emphasise the accent as much as possible. I try to quote, read, or recite Greek as often as I can, and I frequently provide oral writing lessons, in which I randomly select an English passage and have the class collaborate to come up with a version of it via the use of common suggestion and discussion “.

1895 was the year when he was given the position of Professor of Humanity at Edinburgh University. After enduring a severe bout of influenza in January 1916, he passed away three months later on May 3, 1916.

Amazing Space is a programme on Channel 4 that highlights unique living environments across the world. Will Hardie and the architect George Clarke have been hosting it from its very first broadcast in 2012? They scour the United Kingdom and other regions for unique design projects and travel together to do so.

A horse box that was remodelled into a mobile juice bar is one example of an inventive design. Another example is a double-decker bus that was changed into a family home after a series of renovations.

Will Hardie Wikipedia
Will Hardie Wikipedia

In addition to that, it highlights Will’s daring endeavours, such as constructing a house from scratch in a single day. Will has also served as a judge for the competition hosted by George Clarke and titled “Shed of the Year.” In addition to the work he does for Studio Hardie, he is the proprietor of the Amazing Sheds brand, which manufactures custom-built sheds.

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According to their website, they specialise in “a varied array of unconventional, high profile projects in a number of disciplines, including architecture, playgrounds, interior design, furniture, exhibition spaces, and public art.” This statement is taken from the company’s website. We like combining old, high-quality methods with cutting-edge technology, as well as natural, prestigious materials.

Additionally, Studio Hardie is responsible for the design and execution of all of the major construction projects featured in each season of George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces on Channel 4.

Will Hardie Wikipedia
Will Hardie Wikipedia

Amazing Spaces is a show hosted by George Clarke, and Hardie is a presenter on the show. Amazing Space is a programme on Channel 4 that focuses on house repair. As he travels throughout Britain in search of one-of-a-kind structures, renowned architect George Clarke delves into the world of the exquisitely little and exquisitely crafted. Throughout each episode, Clarke travels to different homes to see how their owners have cleverly designed their residences to make the most of the available space. The architect, armed with a budget, designs fantasy houses for families that are looking for professional assistance with their limited living space.

Towards the end of our conversation, he remarks, “Working with English Heritage is always a wonderful experience.” “Both the individuals who live there and the employees who work there care an incredible amount. They approach the websites with a great deal of enthusiasm, acting as though they are proud owners of the properties. It is a lesson in humility.

When he walks into the café, he is happy to discover that some of his earlier work is being shown there. He was the one who designed the cakestands that are still in use at the café to exhibit the goods for the day. He chuckles when it is suggested that there should be a plaque on each of the cake stands.

Because of George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces, William, who is 38 years old, has entered a whole other world. On paper, the software appeared to be a lighter version of Grand Designs. Amazing Spaces focuses on small-scale garden projects, such as homemade sheds, treehouses, remodelled caravans, and even, on one occasion, a vacation lodge created out of a storage container. The show does not include architectural wonders that are supported by large sums of money.

William hopes to build his team at Lewes’ Studio Hardie with individuals of this ilk, and he will do so by recruiting them. He recently changed the name of the firm, which was formerly known as William Hardie Design, to reflect the collaborative nature of the efforts that go into the creation of their creations. According to him, “the makers are engaged in the designing, and the designers are involved in the manufacturing.” “It gives us the ability to break down discipline barriers, which is a tradition that dates back to the middle ages. Back in those days, there was no such thing as a distinct architect and engineer; rather, the architect doubled as both the designer and the engineer. Some of those early guiding concepts are still of critical significance.

In addition, this has been the situation with the construction of the playground at Battle Abbey. Everyone who is participating in the project has created their own elements rather than waiting for William to come up with a comprehensive plan and then handing it off to his partners.

When designing the playground, the group drew inspiration from the land’s history as a mediaeval market and consulted historical records as well as historians for guidance. This theme runs throughout the whole playground. The playground does not have typical equipment like slides and climbing frames; instead, each structure features aspects that are reminiscent of a mediaeval market.

Will Hardie Wikipedia
Will Hardie Wikipedia

As a result, an upside-down shopping cart serves as the support structure for a slide. There is not a seesaw, but rather a mediaeval weighing mechanism in its place. And the low-level climbing structure is constructed up of barrels and crates, which may be scaled in a variety of various ways including going up, over, and through them.

But it has become popular, in part because of the genuine and unbridled enthusiasm that the architect presenter George and the expert maker William have for imaginative projects. These projects involve transforming a small amount of unused square footage into beautiful spaces in which people can live and play.

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