What Did Nelson Piquet

What Did Nelson Piquet: Piquet, who is 69 years old, allegedly used the term “neguinho” to describe Hamilton twice in an interview that was conducted after the 2021 British Grand Prix. In the interview, Piquet was discussing Hamilton’s collision with his title rival Max Verstappen, which caused Verstappen to retire from the race. Reports in Brazil claim that the interview has surfaced.

In a video that was published on Monday, the individual can be seen telling the Brazilian daily Estadao that “the neguinho pushed the car in the incorrect way and didn’t allow [the other driver swerve].”

In 2018, Max Verstappen won the Formula One championship in Abu Dhabi, depriving Lewis Hamilton of a record eighth title. Hamilton’s closest competitor was Verstappen. As a happy coincidence, Nelson, a former three-time world champion himself, is Kelly Piquet’s father. Nelson is also the father of Verstappen’s fiancée Kelly Piquet.

What Did Nelson Piquet
What Did Nelson Piquet

When the Brazilian was working as a driver, he gained a reputation for saying things that were both outrageous and provocative. And now he’s back in the news for making waves after using a racist slur when discussing Alexander Hamilton. It was with Brabham that he won his first title in 1981, and it was with the same squad that he won his second trophy just two years later.

Piquet subsequently made the switch to Williams for the next two years, where he was successful enough to win his third championship in just his second season there. After announcing his retirement from the sport in 1992, the Brazilian driver has attempted to compete in the Indy 500 on many occasions since then.

The governing organization of motor racing, known as FIA, together with Formula One and Mercedes all released comments condemning racism; however, none of the remarks were specifically named Piquet.

“Language that is discriminatory or racist in any way is abhorrent, and it has no place in our society.” Formula One had this to say about Lewis: “Lewis is a wonderful ambassador for our sport, and he deserves respect.”

Mercedes spoke to Hamilton as “a real advocate of diversity on and off track,” while the FIA voiced their support and solidarity for the British driver’s “commitment to equality, diversity, and inclusion in motorsport.”

Additionally, he managed his son Nelson Piquet Jr., who competed for Renault as a test driver in the year 2007.

Piquet also established his own racing team in the year 2000, which is known as Piquet Sports. The 69-year-old father of seven has a daughter named Kelly who is dating Verstappen, who is his third-oldest kid. When referring to the Grand Prix of Great Britain in 2021, the Brazilian driver used a pejorative phrase in an interview that was conducted in November of the previous year.

Piquet, whose daughter Kelly is dating Max Verstappen of Red Bull, criticized Hamilton’s driving at Silverstone, which is where Hamilton made touch with the Dutchman during an exciting opening lap. Piquet’s daughter Kelly is seeing Max Verstappen.

How many f1 championships did Nelson Piquet win?

While Hamilton went on to win his home race for the seventh time, Verstappen was sent careening into the barriers and was transported to the hospital for checks. Hamilton won the race.

Piquet asserts that Hamilton was at fault and that Hamilton was the one who referred to him using the insulting epithet, which was first overlooked by local Brazilian media.

The Formula One World Championship has issued a statement in support of Lewis Hamilton, which reads as follows: “Discriminatory or racist rhetoric is abhorrent in any form and has no purpose in society.”

What Did Nelson Piquet
What Did Nelson Piquet

Today, Hamilton responded by posting the word “Imagine” next to a tweet that asked, “what if Lewis Hamilton just posted, ‘Who the f* is Nelson Piquet?'” Piquet had responded to Hamilton’s Twitter by asking, “Who the f* is Lewis Hamilton?”

The 37-year-old woman continued by saying, “It’s about more than words.” These are antiquated ways of thinking that really must be updated since they have no place in our sport. My entire life has been spent being subjected to these views and being singled out. There has been more than enough time to acquire knowledge. It is now time to put our plans into motion.

In addition to this, he published a statement that was written in Portuguese, which is Piquet’s native language. The message said, “let’s focus on altering the attitude.”

It has been said by some with knowledge of the situation that if Piquet does not publicly apologise to Hamilton, he would be barred from participating in any future Formula One races and will not be permitted in the paddock.

On the other hand, Piquet’s followers on social media stated that his interview had been misunderstood and argued that the phrase was a popular slang term.

What did Piquet say f1?

It is not the first time that Hamilton has spoken out about racial abuse. Hamilton has previously clashed with Bernie Ecclestone, the former chief of Formula One, who suggested that Formula One “was not racist” and claimed that Hamilton was “being used” by the Black Lives Matter movement. This is not the first time that Hamilton has spoken out about racial abuse.

Piquet, a three-time world champion, was critical of Hamilton’s collision with Max Verstappen, who was driving for Red Bull, at the 2017 British Grand Prix. Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton was victorious in his home race. Since the year 2020, Piquet’s daughter has been involved with Verstappen in a romantic connection.

What Did Nelson Piquet
What Did Nelson Piquet

Since Piquet’s comments gathered traction on Monday night, the racing world has come out in favor of Hamilton. This shows that Piquet’s words were not well received. Mercedes has issued a statement condemning the insults made against its driver and praising him as a “genuine champion for diversity on and off the track.” Formula One and the Federation Internationale de l’Automobile, which is the regulatory organization that oversees motor racing, have both published comments in which they denounce the use of terminology that is racist and discriminatory.

During the same year, he competed in Formula One for the Ensign team, as well as for McLaren and Brabham. Piquet made the transfer to the Brabham squad in 1979, where he finished in second place in 1980 and then won the title the following year, 1981.

Piquet’s performance in 1982 was negatively impacted by significant engine unreliability; nonetheless, he had a comeback in 1983 and won his second world title. Piquet had another missed opportunity to win the title during the 1984–1985 season, but he did manage to earn three victories during that time span.

In 1986, he made the switch to the Williams team and became a title candidate right up until the last race, which took place in Australia. Piquet won his third and last title in 1987, in the midst of a fierce struggle with his teammate Nigel Mansell, which ultimately resulted in a strained relationship between the two drivers. After that, Piquet went to Lotus for the 1988–1989 season, which is when he endured his third decline in performance. After some time, he joined the Benetton team for the 1990–1991 season. While there, he was successful enough to win three races before calling it quits.

What Did Nelson Piquet

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