Jasmine Burkitt Mum

Jasmine Burkitt Mum: Jasmine’s future husband was a man named Lewis-Burke. They brought their dog, Loki, with them everywhere they went and lived in a tent in the middle of the forest near Bodelwyddan, Denbighshire.

The couple claimed that they were forced to live off the grid because they were unable to secure a council dwelling and had no other choice. They decided to keep their fans up to speed on their life in the wilderness by creating a page on Facebook called “Join Our Journey.”

Jasmine Burkitt Mum
Jasmine Burkitt Mum

In a message that he made on Facebook on the 27th of June, Lewis broke the news that Jasmine had passed away.

In a eulogy that was shared on social media, her fiance, Lewis Burke, referred to her as “the loveliest person he’d ever known” in reference to her. Ms. Burkitt, who hails from Colwyn Bay, was affected by dwarfism from birth. In 2010, she made an appearance in the documentary series Small Teen Big World on BBC Three, and she also starred in the sequel, Small Teen Bigger World.

She was known by the stage name Jazz and made film appearances alongside her mother, Bev Burkitt, who also suffered from dwarfism and passed away in 2014.

On Tuesday, her fiance Lewis Burke announced on the Facebook blog the couple shared that she had gone away “after a lifelong fight with a very serious mental disease.”

“She is the most powerful, funny, most compassionate, and most pure-hearted person I’ve ever known.” “She is the most wonderful human that ever walked this world.”

My heart is completely broken. She made an indelible mark on my existence, and I will never be the same.

Some children who have stunted growth also have additional physical abnormalities, such as an abnormal bend in their legs or an abnormal curvature in their spine. As individuals become older, there is a considerable decline in the length of time they are expected to live.

However, except for the fact that she was somewhat little, she was an entirely healthy woman who did not suffer from any other illnesses. Additionally, the majority of people who do not battle with any other severe disorders are able to have quite regular lives and have typical life expectancies.

Despite the fact that she had just been taken to the hospital for her physical and emotional health, she was looking forward to getting back together with Lewis and their puppy. Despite the fact that she had just been admitted to the hospital for her physical and emotional health.

Jasmine Burkitt Mum
Jasmine Burkitt Mum

Let’s put off passing judgment, for the time being, keeping in mind that Burkitt’s family has a right to their privacy. Instead, let’s give Burkitt the opportunity to provide an update on the situation whenever he feels he is prepared to do so, and let’s do so only after he has had the chance to do so.

Tragic final post of former BBC reality star

Bev Burkitt, Jasmine Burkitt’s mother, had lung and respiratory issues for most of her life, and she passed away in 2014. She struggled with these conditions till the end of her life.

The news of Bev’s death came as a total and absolute shock to everyone, despite the fact that she had been ill for a considerable amount of time. Jazz stated that she had been unwell for a couple of months, but the process of recuperation was extraordinarily swift, which was, in a sense, a positive aspect of the situation. She did not have to put up with an excessive amount of discomfort at any point.

On their joint Facebook account, her fiance Lewis Burker was the one who informed their friends and family of Jazz’s unexpected passing, as was reported by The Mirror. Sharing a picture of the two of them, he added the following caption below it: “She is the most incredible human that ever walked this world, she is the strongest, funniest, most kind, and completely good person I’ve ever known.” My heart is completely broken. She made an indelible mark on my existence, and I will never be the same.

In the documentary titled Small Teen, Bigger World, Jasmine (Jazz) gave audiences a glimpse inside her life as a teenager while she was living as a dwarf. Fans got a glimpse of what life might be like if they were of the same stature as a typical nine-year-old.

She was residing in the same house as her mother Beverly, as well as both of her grandmothers, Margaret and Norman. She chronicles her highs and lows, as well as her first experiences with love, throughout the course of each episode, which is exactly one hour long.

Jasmine Burkitt Mum
Jasmine Burkitt Mum

Lewis and Jazz first crossed paths in 2011, not long after the conclusion of Small Teen Bigger World. After having difficulty acquiring property from the local government, the couple had been living in a tent in the middle of a forest since 2021, according to the reports.

The two individuals intended to live off the grid, so they planned to hold a charity event to gather funds to buy a piece of land.

Reality star Jasmine Burkitt found dead

As a result of the four-part documentary that aired in 2010 about the lives of a teenager dealing with dwarfism, people in Wales and other parts of the world were able to get to know the family and have expressed their condolences following the passing of the daughter.

A new season of Small Teen, Bigger World was shown in the summer of 2011, as part of the “Extraordinary Me” season on BBC Three. The season focused on extraordinary people.

Jazz shared her thoughts, saying, “Since everyone found out, the outpouring of love and support has been tremendous and so overwhelming in a positive way.”

“Love has been sent in from every corner of the globe. Several individuals in Australia, where the program has only recently been shown, have messaged me on Facebook.

Due to issues with her own health, Jazz had to take a pause from the animal care course she was taking in Cheshire, but she was able to finish Level Two.

She continued by saying, “Mum was pleased with all I accomplished.” If I had told her I wanted to spend the rest of my life working at McDonald’s, she would have been pleased.

As for the next obstacle that Jazz will face, as soon as she has recovered from the health concerns that led her to put her schoolwork on hold, she will start afresh in the animal care course for level three.

Bev Burkitt, Jasmine’s mother, was similarly affected by dwarfism and spent her life with it. Alongside her daughter, she had an appearance on the BBC show titled “Small Teen Bigger World.”

Jasmine Burkitt Mum
Jasmine Burkitt Mum

Bev passed away unexpectedly at the hospital on December 28, 2014, when she was 50 years old. Jazz reflected on their relationship at the time of her mother’s passing, saying, “I was her world and she was mine.” I was there for her to the very end, physically. I know it’s a cliche, but the need to tell her “I love you” came over me all of a sudden.

And around two minutes after that, that was it. I was upset, yet it brought me some solace to know that I was with her.

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