Yusuf Nazlioglu Wife

Yusuf Nazlioglu Wife: The conflicting footage shows Nazlioglu being taken away on a stretcher while he is being closely observed by paramedics as he is placed into an ambulance. Nazlioglu appears to have suffered severe injuries.

The man, who was 40 years old and had only recently been freed from jail on charges related to firearms, was rushed to the hospital in a severe condition, and he passed away there earlier this morning. According to Superintendent Martin Haysten, who made the statement today, “the attack, in our judgment, was a targeted strike.”

Yusuf Nazlioglu Wife
Yusuf Nazlioglu Wife

“It is very evident that the individual who approached the man who was in his forties and shot him was there to carry out that mission.” Shortly after the shooting occurred, police arrived on the site and established a crime scene there. Shortly after the incident, a car was discovered nearby that had caught fire.

An unrelated accusation of having a restricted firearm resulted in Mr. Nazlioglu being found guilty and receiving a sentence of three years in prison. He was eventually freed on parole in September of the previous year.

In the vicinity of where the incident took place, there was a significant police presence, and huge sections of the area were cordoned off to the general public.

It is the most recent violent event to follow a dispute between the Alameddine and Hamzy organized criminal gangs, which has resulted in a spate of violent attacks. According to The Daily Telegraph’s article, Mr. Nazlioglu was caught by a clandestine device while he was in prison gloating about threats made against his life.

Yusuf Nazlioglu, 40, a former member of the Lone Wolf biker gang, was shot around ten times in the parking lot of his apartment building in Rhodes at approximately 6:30 p.m. yesterday.

After being found, he was sent to Westmead Hospital, however, he passed away early this morning. Detective Superintendent Martin Hayston stated that investigations into possible ties to the continuing underworld war in Sydney, which has already resulted in the deaths of 14 persons in a span of fewer than two years, are now underway.

According to him, “the strike appeared to be directed at a specific target.” “It is very evident that the individual who approached the man who was 40 years old and shot him was there to carry out their intended mission.

Yusuf Nazlioglu Wife
Yusuf Nazlioglu Wife

“A number of different lines of inquiry are now being pursued to determine the motive.” There is no evidence to support either my belief or my lack of belief that it is connected to the other incidences that are occurring at this time.”

Former Lone Wolf bikie Yusuf Nazlioglu dies

The trial of Nazlioglu, who was accused of killing Comanchero commander Mick Hawi, took place in the year 2020. Hawi had been shot outside of Fitness First in Rockdale two years previously.

He was accused of being the shooter by the police, but a jury determined that he was innocent. According to what he stated, “the individual who approached the 40-year-old male and shot him certainly was there to do that,” and there are now multiple lines of investigation being conducted in respect to the motivation.

After receiving the alert from Nazlioglu’s wife, the cops could be seen in the video running down the ramp of the parking garage.

After a man who was extensively bandaged was observed being carried out of the building on a stretcher, many emergency medical personnel were spotted moving through the complex.

Yusuf Nazlioglu Wife
Yusuf Nazlioglu Wife

I used to hear that people outside were going to knock me down, is that right? It was overheard that Mr. Nazlioglu said.

“I used to still leave my house, brother, knowing that one day someone is going to sneak up on me and put one in my head. But now I don’t leave my house at all.”

“But I still went to the same hairdresser, and I went to the same restaurants, sure,” she said. I still exposed my face in the front yard and hung out with males at their porches at their houses, yep, knowing that I’m going to get knocked out one day.”

Superintendent Hayston stated that he “did not know” whether or not Mr. Nazlioglu was a person of interest in the investigation.

He also stated that he had no reason to “think or disbelieve” that this shooting was connected to any previous instances and that it was an isolated incident.

On Monday evening, he was in a life-threatening situation when he arrived at Westmead Hospital. The death of the man was confirmed by the NSW Police on Tuesday morning.

The man, who is 40 years old, reportedly received medical attention from paramedics from the NSW Ambulance Service before being transported to a hospital.

A representative for the New South Wales Police Force stated that officers from the Burwood Policing Area Command had set up a crime scene and had begun investigating the area.

A shopping center, residences, and a parking garage are all contained within the Rhodes Central building, which the police were observed cordoning off as they did so.

Detective Superintendent Martin Hayston of the New South Wales Police Force informed reporters at the Burwood Police Station that the force “does feel that the shooting that took place last night was targeted.”

“It is very evident that the individual who approached the man who was in his forties and shot him was there to carry out their intended mission.

“Relating to the motivation, there are a number of different lines of study that are now active.”

The New South Wales Police Department has established Strike Force Claypinch in order to investigate the execution, and they are requesting that any witnesses or those who have dash cam footage get in touch with Crime Stoppers.

It is believed by the police that the murderer fled the scene in a little silver hatchback, which was afterward discovered in a neighboring parking lot ablaze.

Hayston stated that he was “not aware of his past in any great depth,” despite the fact that he described the victim as “well-known” to the police.

Yusuf Nazlioglu Wife
Yusuf Nazlioglu Wife

In the year 2020, the Supreme Court of New South Wales came to the conclusion that Nazlioglu was not guilty of murdering Comanchero commander Mick Hawi, who had been shot the previous year in the parking lot of Fitness First in Rockdale.

Hayston stated that there was no cause to assume the shooting was connected to previous gangland shootings in Sydney and that there was no evidence to support this hypothesis.

According to what he said, Nazlioglu’s death has left his family in a state of shock, and the police are doing everything they can to help them. During this “traumatizing” moment, Superintendent Hayston stated that the police were offering their assistance to Mr. Nazlioglu’s family.

“When someone loses a loved one, it is incredibly terrible for them, and we are offering every bit of help we can,” he added. “Obviously, it is quite upsetting for them.”

As the investigation into the shooting continues, the police have issued a plea for any information the public may have on the incident.

According to a statement released by the New South Wales Police, “Officers from the Burwood Police Area Command – with help from the State Crime Command’s homicide squad – have launched an investigation under Strike Force Claypinch.”

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