Why Was Jason Kokrak Disqualified

Why Was Jason Kokrak Disqualified: The last shot that Jason Kokrak took at the 2022 Travelers Championship was a doozy, and as a result, he was disqualified from the competition in a most unique manner.

After driving the ball 327 yards into the left rough on the ninth hole of the TPC River Highlands course in Cromwell, Connecticut, his penultimate round of the day, the hulking Kokrak had nothing to play for and it showed in his performance. After shooting a first-round score of 67 that was three strokes under par, he was now four strokes over par on Friday. The damage done by a five-putt that resulted in one of two double bogeys on his card meant that he would need a slight miracle in order to make the cut.

Why Was Jason Kokrak Disqualified
Why Was Jason Kokrak Disqualified

Despite this, Kokrak, who is now ranked 33rd in the world, was just 43 yards away from the target hole. His all-or-nothing shot ended up being a massive miss, sending the ball soaring past the green and over a road. According to ShotLink’s measurements, the projectile went “87 yards into the unknown.”

But instead of going back to the original place, where he would have been required to pay a penalty and complete the hole, Kokrak gathered up the remaining balls in his bag, got in his vehicle, and drove off to his house. Due to the fact that he did not complete the hole, record a score, or sign and submit a scorecard, he was eliminated from the competition and could not participate further.

The tale of how Kokrak walked off with his wedge and into the unknown would be a peculiar one in and of itself; after all, who does anything like that? On the other hand, there is always the possibility of a massive walkout of epic proportions.

The 37-year-old Kokrak, who has been sponsored by Golf Saudi since before the Saudi-backed LIV Golf was a thing and played in the Saudi International in February with PGA Tour approval, has long been rumoured to be a player who is likely to join the upstart circuit. Kokrak played in the Saudi International in February.

At the Travelers Championship, Kokrak was in the middle of his second round when he sent his approach shot over the back of the green while playing the ninth hole at TPC River Highlands (his 18th hole of the day).

Golfer Jason Kokrak sends his ball into orbitĀ 

According to the information provided by shot tracer, his second ball travelled into an unknown location. And it was good enough for Kokrak, who is now 37 years old and has won three times on the PGA Tour.

Kokrak was kicked out of the competition because he did not submit a score on the last hole. It would seem like Kokrak jumped right into his vehicle and sped off. In any case, he was never going to get it in before the deadline.

On Friday, Jason Kokrak’s performance at the Travelers Championship came to an unexpected conclusion.
According to the administrators of the tour, Kokrak was disqualified because he did not record a score on his last hole and subsequently did not submit a scorecard. This led to his disqualification. However, this does not give the whole picture at all.

Why Was Jason Kokrak Disqualified
Why Was Jason Kokrak Disqualified

Late in the second round of the tournament held on Friday at TPC River Highlands, Kokrak was already likely heading home early unless he sank a 43-yard approach shot at the short, dogleg ninth hole. He was sitting at even par at the time, which was two strokes below the predicted cut line. ShotLink reports that his second attempt went “87 yards into the unknown.” Instead, the shot was a miss.

As a result of Kokrak’s failure to complete the hole, he was disqualified from the competition. This decision caused a lot of people on social media to speculate about the reasons why Kokrak chose not to drop and continue his round.

We now have this information since Will McGirt, one of Kokrak’s playing competitors, shared it with us. It took a fair amount of time to figure out where to drop the ball from, according to McGirt, who informed Jason Sobel of Action Network that Kokrak didn’t recognise that his ball had gone out of bounds. Because he was already going to miss the cut, Kokrak elected to pick up his ball rather than continue to hold up play by trying to figure out where to take his drop after the group that was following him had begun to wait.

Jason Kokrak Gets Disqualified At Travelers Championship

Users on social media believed that this was Kokrak’s way of saying goodbye to the PGA Tour and welcome to the competing league financed by Saudi Arabia. However, according to Jason Sobel of Action Network, Kokrak’s actions were more of a courtesy to his fellow players than a goodbye to the PGA Tour.

“Will McGirt, who was playing with Kokrak, was contacted by text message. They were unaware that the ball had gone out of bounds, “Sobel claimed in a tweet. “The next batch was already waiting for him by the time he figured out where to drop them off. He didn’t want to keep them waiting but he was on his way to MC nonetheless. But this was no ordinary break from the PGA Tour’s schedule.”

Why Was Jason Kokrak Disqualified
Why Was Jason Kokrak Disqualified

As a result of the fact that Kokrak was in a situation where he was going to miss the cut whatever, and the fact that he didn’t want to hold them up for any longer, he picked up and was disqualified.

According to Rule 14.6, if your ball is definitely outside the boundaries of the course, you are required to play another ball from the location where you last played it while incurring a penalty of strokes and distance. This applies regardless of whether you are starting from the tee or the fairway. If it was your tee shot that went out of bounds, you would now be required to play three shots from the first tee.

The American golfer shot a 67 in the first round of competition, but after making his second double bogey of the day in the second round, he was four shots behind the leader. After he smashed his drive 327 yards at the 9th hole, which was his final hole, he just had 43 yards to go to the flag. From that vantage point, Kokrak proceeded to hit his approach shot past the green, over a road, and into an area that was off limits to play.

Then, after what seemed to be some time spent looking for his ball, Kokrak walked off off the course without finishing his round. Jason Kokrak was disqualified during the second round of the tour for failing to record a score on his last hole and then failing to submit a scorecard, as stated in the final line of the tour’s media notes for the second round.

Why Was Jason Kokrak Disqualified

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