Ron Johnson Fake Electors

Ron Johnson Fake Electors: Additional evidence relating to the involvement of Wisconsin Republican Senator Ron Johnson is pushing “fake” electors for then-President Trump’s inauguration on January 6, 2021, was released by a House select committee Tuesday. The committee made this information public.

In order to ensure Joe Biden’s win in the 2020 presidential election, a Johnson assistant sent a text message to a Pence staff member suggesting that the Wisconsin Republican intended to hand-deliver “fake” electors to Pence immediately prior to the beginning of Congress on January 6.

Ron Johnson Fake Electors
Ron Johnson Fake Electors

Pence advisor Chris Hodgson received text messages from Sean Riley of Johnson’s campaign, who wrote that Johnson “must provide something to VPOTUS, please advise.” What’s the matter? Inquired Hodgson. Response: “Alternate slates for Michigan and Wisconsin since the archivist didn’t obtain them,” Riley said.

Ex-President Trump and his associates exerted tremendous pressure on Vice President Mike Pence to hand over fake elector lists that may have shifted the 2020 race in Trump’s favour, away from Joe Biden and toward Biden’s opponent, Joe Biden. It was suggested that Trump and his lawyer Rudy Giuliani lead a high-stakes pressure campaign. This campaign’s objective is to persuade state legislatures to designate Trump supporters as electors, regardless of the will of the people who live in such states.

All three Republican state legislative leaders in Pennsylvania, Arizona and Michigan testified in video and live testimony that they had been subjected to constant pressure from Trump and his friends following the 2020 election. According to a Republican state legislature leader, this pressure was felt on a regular basis. When Donald Trump posted his phone number, Mike Shirkey, a member of the Michigan State Senate, got hundreds of messages from people who supported Trump requesting that he appoint the state’s electors through the legislature. Shirkey is the Senate majority leader of Michigan.

On the morning of January 6, Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson attempted to hand-deliver “fake” electors to former Vice President Mike Pence, according to evidence disclosed today during the January 6 Committee hearing in Washington, D.C. The hearing took place on January 6th of this year.

Ron Johnson Fake Electors
Ron Johnson Fake Electors

In a video that lasted more than eight minutes, the House committee’s investigative counsel, Casey Lucier, recounted many incidents. According to the video, the White House Counsel’s Office discouraged the employment of “fake electors” in an attempt to alter the outcome of the 2020 presidential election. The committee was shown the footage.

Ron Johnson Wanted to Give Pence Fake Electors

Lucier drew the attention of the crowd to a text message interaction between Pence adviser Chris Hodgson and Johnson adviser Sean Riley. Riley made an urgent plea to Hodgson on January 6th, just seconds before the joint session of Congress began to certify the electors and ratify Joe Biden’s election. Hodgson was summoned to the Capitol to speak with him.

Wisconsin Republicans were shown scrambling to respond to demands from Trump supporters for the shipment to Washington, D.C., of fake electoral ballots in time for the certification of results in another text conversation revealed by the House committee on Tuesday.

An executive director of the Wisconsin Republican Party claimed in a text message sent on January 4 that “freaking trump idiots” want someone to fly the original elector papers to the senate president. One of us will receive a phone call from them, and they will lay out the situation in detail.

On Tuesday, the committee also aired Andrew Hitt’s video testimony. He was a fraudulent elector who cast a Trump electoral vote in Wisconsin when he was the state’s Republican Party chairman. Watch the video of Hitt’s testimony below. In his evidence, Hitt, who had stepped down from his position as party leader the year before in July 2021, claimed that he was not aware that his erroneous electoral vote would be sent to Washington.

Ron Johnson Fake Electors
Ron Johnson Fake Electors

Things would only be considered if a court sided with us, it was informed to me. It would have been “using our electors in ways that we weren’t told of, and we wouldn’t have supported” such a move if the pressure campaign had used the dual statuses of the electors in seven states as reasons to try to block certification of Biden’s victory.

An attorney with Law Forward, a progressive legal company that has launched a case against the 10 false Wisconsin electors, is suspicious of the assertion that Wisconsin electors didn’t intend for their votes to be tallied on January 6th, 2016. A lawsuit has been filed against the ten false electors in Wisconsin by Barnes, one of the attorneys representing them.

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According to Hitt, if he and other electors didn’t want the ballots tallied, they shouldn’t have sent them to Congress. In order to avoid being tallied, they should not have mailed these to Congress.

“An alternate slate of electors was not created by Senator Johnson, and he was not aware that his office would get it in advance,” Alexa Henning, a spokesman for Senator Johnson, tweeted. Additionally, she said that the senator had no idea that his office would be receiving the slate ahead of time. As far as I know, she didn’t dispute anything that was said at the hearing.

The committee also revealed on Tuesday that the Trump campaign was involved in the effort to transport the fictitious voter lists from the states to Washington, D.C.; that Eastman asked the Republican National Committee for assistance in the scheme; and that the White House counsel’s office informed key players such as Rudy Giuliani and Chief of Staff Mark Meadows that the scheme was not legally sound. They went forward with it nonetheless.

He would use these phoney voter lists to justify delaying the certification of the election until January 6. Pence would use the fabricated lists of electors calling Trump the winner as a rationale for preventing the certification of Trump’s victory. Trump and his campaign worked to recruit friends in states won by President Biden to construct lists of electors declaring them the winner. Adam Schiff brought up the fact that a federal district judge called David Carter has indicated that President Trump and others “violated multiple federal offences by engaging in this scheme, including conspiracy to defraud the United States.”

Ron Johnson Fake Electors
Ron Johnson Fake Electors

Johnson, who is up for re-election this year, might possibly find himself in hot water legally if the scandal breaks. Donald Trump phoned Ronna McDaniel, the chair of the Republican National Committee (RNC), before handing the phone to attorney John Eastman, a key architect of Trump’s campaign for a second term in office. The day before the legitimate members of the Electoral College were set to gather and vote on December 14, 2020, Eastman urged her to help locate fictitious electors so that they might gather and vote in support of Trump.

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