Kay Burley Mick Lynch Interview

Kay Burley Mick Lynch Interview: During a heated television interview, union activist Mick Lynch was questioned by Kay Burley about his damaging rail strikes. Today, Mick Lynch made fun of Burley when she questioned him about the strikes.

When Miss Burley, a journalist, linked the largest walkouts in a generation to the miners’ strikes of the 1980s, the RMT chief laughed at her and claimed her “questions are bordering on the foolishness.” He also stated that Miss Burley’s “questions are verging on the nonsense.”

Kay Burley Mick Lynch Interview
Kay Burley Mick Lynch Interview

When asked what he plans to do if agency employees are recruited to fill positions left vacant by strikes across picket lines, Lynch laughed and then spit, saying, “Well, we will picket them, what do you think we’ll do?” We are participating in a picket line, and we will request that they do not report to work. Do you seriously not understand how a picket line operates?

It is the first day of a weeklong disruption that will cause misery for millions of commuters, patients, and students sitting for GCSEs and A-levels. Lynch has plunged Britain into “another lockdown” by bringing Britain’s rail line to a juddering halt today. This is the first day of disruption that will cause misery.

During an interview with the experienced host of Sky TV that has received positive feedback from viewers, the head of a UNION referred to questions posed by Kay Burley as “verging on gibberish.”

Mick Lynch, the head of Rail, Maritime and Transport (RMT), maintained his composure when being questioned by Ms. Burley on the actions that would take place on rail strike picket lines when agency employees approached them.

A film of an increasingly frazzled Kay Burley can be seen online drawing similarities between the RMT employees picketing outside stations on Tuesday and the deadly miners’ strike of the 1980s. The clip has been extensively circulated online.

However, Mr. Lynch gave the impression of being unfazed by the similarity, and he pointed to the tranquil views that were behind him.

Passenger rail service was suspended for the entirety of the day over a large portion of the United Kingdom, including the majority of Scotland and Wales, as well as areas of England, including the entirety of Cornwall and Dorset.

On the first day of the strike, just one-fifth of trains throughout the UK operated, and about half of all lines were stopped. It is anticipated that the strike will continue this week with further cancellations and delays.

RMT chief Lynch had a conversation with Sky News’ Kay Burley on the strikes at the same time he was speaking with Sky News. She then goes on to talk especially about the miners’ strikes, which caused significant rifts to form in many towns between those who were on picket lines and others who crossed the lines.

Kay Burley Mick Lynch Interview
Kay Burley Mick Lynch Interview

Mr. Lynch responded, “Well, it certainly seems like the miners are on strike. What exactly are you referring to?

“It is as though you have disappeared into a realm that does not exist.” She reacts by saying, “I’m sorry that you feel the need to insult me; I’m simply asking you what you want your members to do if agency employees…” She apologizes for the fact that you feel the need to mock her.

The conversation is then cut off by Mr. Lynch, who says, “Your inquiries are bordering on absurdity.” We maintain a picket line to the best of our abilities.”

During the strike that took place on Tuesday, many passengers’ flights were delayed by several hours, while those who preferred to go by automobile instead encountered an increase in traffic congestion.

On Tuesday, just one-fifth of trains were operational, and more than half of all lines were blocked. “To say that Mick Lynch is frazzled is stretching it a little bit, in my opinion. “He comes across to me as almost frighteningly unflustered, and I don’t envy those who have to confront him over a negotiating table,” she said. “I don’t envy people who have to face him across a negotiating table.”

Mick gave off an air of composure and serenity while being interviewed about the strikes, which have caused disruptions all around the country. He even smiled and laughed in response to Kay’s line of inquiry.

During the course of the videotaped interview, Kay made the observation that the government will hire employees from several agencies. When he was 16 years old, he dropped out of school and went on to become an electrician before being involved in the construction industry.

Kay Burley Mick Lynch Interview
Kay Burley Mick Lynch Interview

He joined a union but was unlawfully blacklisted for doing so; he would obtain a sizable compensation payout twenty years later as a result of this discrimination.

Lynch started to work for Eurostar in 1993 after quitting the construction sector; this is how he became connected with RMT; he had previously worked in the construction industry.

After serving the RMT for two periods as assistant general secretary, he was promoted to the position of acting general secretary in the year 2020. This was due to the fact that Mick Cash needed to take some time off due to his health.

In May of 2021, he ran for the job of permanent general secretary and was successful in gaining election to the role.

Since the strikes began, he has been creating waves on social media, to the point that people have even begun producing memes about his outstanding performances in the media.

“All right, we’ll picket them; what do you think our next move should be?” It was Lynch who answered. “Are you unfamiliar with how a picket line operates?”

Continued with Burley: “I am far older than I appear, and as a result, I have a solid understanding of how a picket line operates. Lynch, who appeared to be very perplexed, turned around to look at the picketers who were standing behind him before returning his attention to the camera and asking: “You can see what picketing involves, can’t you?”

He continues by saying, “I can’t believe this line of questions,” before presenting a description of picketing that is very conventional.

As Burley and Lynch continue to argue in circles, the situation becomes noticeably more uncomfortable, especially when the Sky News host brings up the miner strikes of the 1980s.

After Lynch stated that Burley was “surreal,” Burley shot out, “I’m sorry you feel the need to insult me.”

“Your queries are bordering on absurdity,” was the response he gave to them. Burley insisted that all she was doing was inquiring for the “good of the British people” when she made this statement.

Burley, who is 61 years old, spoke up and said, “I very much know how a picket line works, and I’m a lot older than I appear, Mr. Lynch.” What exactly will the picketing entail?

Mr. Lynch grinned at the striking employees who were lined up against an empty Euston Station and remarked, “You can see what it entails to picket.” The striking workers were located behind Mr. Lynch. This line of inquiry is beyond my ability to believe.

Kay Burley Mick Lynch Interview
Kay Burley Mick Lynch Interview

“Picketing” refers to the act of standing outside of a place of employment with the intention of persuading those who wish to go to work not to go to work. What else do you believe it entails if anything?

Burley said, “I simply wondered what more it would include since… I very well remember the picket lines of the 1980s.”

The conversation was cut off by Mr. Lynch, who said, “Where are you going? Which picket lines are you referring to specifically here?

Burley responded by saying, “Mr. Lynch, I’m asking… About the miners’ strike.”

Mr Lynch mocked: ‘Well does it seem like the miners strike. What exactly are you referring to?

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