Jan. 6 Committee Hearings Schedule

Jan. 6 Committee Hearings Schedule: At the Thursday meeting of the January 6th Commission, details will be revealed about what panel chairman Rep. Bennie Thompson dubbed the “effort to corrupt the country’s highest law-enforcement organization, the Justice Department, to assist his attempt to reverse the election.”

Thompson played a clip of testimony from Deputy Attorney General Richard Donoghue, in which Donoghue alleges that Trump discussed replacing the acting Attorney General, Jeffrey Rosen, with the United States Assistant Attorney General for the Environment and Natural Resources Division, Jeff Clark, who was allegedly more supportive of Trump’s attempts to overturn the election. Thompson played the clip.

Jan. 6 Committee Hearings Schedule
Jan. 6 Committee Hearings Schedule

According to Representative Thompson, Donoghue will provide their testimony in person on Thursday. According to a report by Ted Johnson of Deadline, the committee is also attempting to acquire testimony from Pat Cipollone, who served as an attorney for the White House under Trump.

Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-Maryland), who is a member of the committee, said to the press following the committee’s fourth hearing on Tuesday that “the initial hearings would have finished up in June,” but that “we are taking up fresh information on a daily basis with amazing velocity.”

The next thing that Raskin said was that “We are continually absorbing and adding the fresh material that is coming out.” “We need to hurry back and meet … First, we need to make a list of all of the new evidence that we have obtained, and then we can proceed with our investigation.”

Raskin attributed the increase in public interest in the panel’s work to the hearings, which he chaired: “I believe that people are beginning to see the seriousness with which we are doing this inquiry… as well as a large number of individuals coming forward at this time with knowledge.”

Rep. Stephanie Murphy (D-Florida), who is also a member of the committee, said that “the calendar is variable” and that the panel may take “a little more time before we hold certain hearings.” Axios received this information from Rep. Stephanie Murphy.

According to a person who is aware of the situation and has spoken with Axios about the topic, discussions over the timetable are now underway and involve the prospect of extra hearings that were not previously publicized.

How To Watch January 6 Hearings

The committee had intended to have a total of seven public hearings in the month of June to deliver its conclusions to the general public.

That brings the total number of occurrences to four. A fifth is scheduled to take place on Thursday, and it will concentrate on the pressure that former President Trump put on the Justice Department to back his accusations of election fraud.
The dates and locations of the other two hearings, which will concentrate on the extremist organizations who assaulted the Capitol building and on Trump’s reaction to the violence, have not yet been disclosed.

The committee has played excerpts from about a half-dozen taped interviews with Trump aides, including former attorney general William P. Barr and Ivanka Trump, Trump’s eldest daughter. Despite the fact that some key Trump allies and top Republican members of Congress have refused to testify, the committee has played these interviews.

Caroline Edwards, a Capitol Police officer who was severely wounded in the assault and one of the first witnesses to testify before the panel, offered a disturbing statement on what she referred to as “a battle scenario.” Nick Quested, a documentary filmmaker who spent time embedded with the Proud Boys, has presented evidence suggesting that the far-right extremist organization plotted to assault the Capitol building and that the violence was not an accident.

Jan. 6 Committee Hearings Schedule
Jan. 6 Committee Hearings Schedule

Multiple witnesses have testified before the committee that Trump was actively engaged in the campaign to put forth slates of fraudulent electors in key battleground states. This was a critical component of the larger operation to reverse Biden’s lawful election win.

CNN has previously reported on the role that key Trump allies, such as the former attorney for Trump, Rudy Giuliani, played in overseeing the effort. However, on Tuesday, witnesses revealed new details about how the former President himself was not only aware of the push but also appeared to endorse it.

Bowers said that he got a call from Trump and Giuliani in which they persuaded him to go along with a scheme to bring forth illegitimate, pro-Trump electors from the state. Giuliani also participated in the discussion, according to Bowers’ account.

Jan. 6 committee holds fourth hearing

“I told them I did not want to be used as a pawn,” Bowers said on Tuesday, recounting what he told Giuliani and Trump during the phone conversation on November 22, 2020. “I told them I did not want to be used as a pawn,” Bowers said. “I told them I did not want to be used as a

The first public hearing was held on Thursday, June 9, at primetime. The second public hearing was held on Monday, June 13, and the third public hearing was held on June 16.

During the first hearing, lawmakers presented new information regarding Trump and his allies’ efforts to overturn the election, played excerpts from recorded video depositions with figures such as Trump’s daughter Ivanka and son-in-law Jared Kushner, and screened a harrowing video montage outlining the timeline of the attack that took place on January 6, including footage from security cameras and police body cameras that had never been seen before.

Jan. 6 Committee Hearings Schedule
Jan. 6 Committee Hearings Schedule

The second hearing centered on Trump’s false claims that the 2020 election was tainted by massive fraud and Trump’s refusal to accept defeat, detailing how Trump preemptively declared victory and doubled down on his election lies despite being advised otherwise. The hearing also focused on Trump’s refusal to accept defeat.

Pence’s former senior counsel Greg Jacob and retired federal judge J. Michael Luttig testified as witnesses at the third hearing that took place on Thursday. The focus of this hearing was on the pressure campaign.

Hearings open to the public and shown on television are being held by a select committee of the House of Representatives to provide updates on the inquiry into the assault on the United States Capitol on January 6, 2021. The hearings have received coverage from all of the major broadcast and cable networks, with the majority of broadcasts carrying the proceedings in their entirety.

It is possible that there may be as many as eight days of hearings before the end of this month, some of which have already been announced (see the list below), and there may be even more hearings in July and September.

Ginni Thomas, a political leader affiliated with the conservative movement and the wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, has not yet provided any indication as to when she would speak. After receiving a request for an interview the previous week, Thomas allegedly said that she was looking forward to meeting with the commission about the matter. The request included a list of possible dates for her testimony to take place at the beginning of July.

During a phone conversation in January 2021, Raffensperger rebuffed Trump’s attempts to “find” the votes necessary for him to win Georgia, a generally Republican state that was won by Biden. Trump was attempting to win Georgia by defeating Biden. The Republican representative from Georgia has already had a one-on-one conversation with the committee regarding the call. Trump has denied any misconduct on several occasions.

Jan. 6 Committee Hearings Schedule

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