Pope Francis Resigns

Pope Francis Resigns: The Pope’s decision to postpone a trip to Africa and the peculiar scheduling of an upcoming assembly of cardinals have both contributed to the proliferation of rumours. The rumours were reignited when it was revealed that Francis intends to go to L’Aquila, which is located in central Italy, at the end of August, in a manner that is similar to that of former popes who have resigned.
Early in the month of May, rumours began to circulate when an elderly man, who was 85 years old at the time, made his first public appearance while using a wheelchair owing to discomfort in his knee.

Pope Francis Resigns
Pope Francis Resigns

The elderly man, who was forced to use a wheelchair, decided in July to abandon the trip to Africa that he had planned. “At the request of his doctors, and in order to not jeopardise the results of the therapy that he is undergoing for his knee, the Holy Father has been forced to postpone, with regret, his Apostolic Journey to the Democratic Republic of Congo and to South Sudan, which was planned for 2 to 7 July, to a later date that will be determined,” Matteo Bruni, the director of the Holy See Press Office, said in a statement that was released recently. Bruni was quoted as saying

The speculation gained momentum after Pope Benedict made the unusual decision to host a consistory on August 27 to create new cardinals, some of whom will be eligible to elect the pontiff’s successor. The speculation gained momentum after Pope Benedict made the unusual decision to host a consistory on August 27.

His really close circle strenuously rejects this. Cardinal Oscar Andrés Rodrguez Maradiaga dismissed the allegations as “cheap soap opera,” saying, “He has never thought about it [resigning].” Cardinal Oscar Andrés Rodrguez Maradiaga

Benedict is still alive at this time. And because of this, retirement is a really difficult time. A cloud has been placed on this pope as a result of Benedict’s extended existence. It is said that Pope Francis dislikes the post of “Emeritus” as it was created by Pope Benedict in his resignation. If Pope Francis were to retire, several things, including the title “Pope Emeritus,” the white robes, and maybe even the place where he would live, would very certainly be subject to revision. However, since Benedict is still alive, it will be impossible to impose this kind of adjustment on him. Or to have two distinct continuous models of retirement after the pope both of which are operating concurrently.

Why was the Pope asked to resign?

He simply doesn’t fit the profile, and his revolution isn’t quite over yet. There is a possibility that there is genuine anxiety among the more progressive side of the Church that the next conclave won’t go their way. Or that the synodal model that Francis intends to impose on the Church is not yet developed into a sufficient barrier against a conservative Pope attempting to dismantle or reverse the agenda that Francis is pursuing.

Since it was known that he was going to become Pope, specialists in religious affairs have been pointing out that his papacy would be short owing to his elderly age. This fact has been known since it was known that he was going to become Pope.

It is important to note that Jorge Mario Bergoglio chose to call himself Francis in honour of St. Francis of Assisi, an Italian saint who founded the Franciscan Order in the 13th century and who was known for his extreme humility and dedication to helping the poor. St. Francis of Assisi was an important figure in the history of the Franciscan Order.

Pope Francis Resigns
Pope Francis Resigns

In this light, the present Pope has made it a point, wherever possible, to devote a portion of his homilies to a subject that is specifically geared at the most helpless members of society.

‘In the pope’s entourage, the majority of people don’t truly believe in the idea of a resignation,’ one insider said to AFP, according to the news agency.

According to Italian Vatican expert Marco Politi, rumours that circulate inside the insular Roman Curia, which is the powerful ruling body of the Catholic Church, are nothing new and are typically fueled by those who have an interest in the matter.

Can a pope resign?

‘These rumours are promoted by the pope’s opponents who are simply keen to see Francis depart,’ he told AFP. ‘These rumours are encouraged by the pope’s opponents.

According to the Vatican, the Pope will continue to get injections in his knee and participate in physical therapy, and he is also scheduled to go to Canada at the end of July as previously planned.

When Francis was younger, he had surgery to have a portion of one of his lungs removed. Today, in addition to the problem with his knee, he suffers from recurrent sciatic nerve discomfort.

Pope Francis Resigns
Pope Francis Resigns

After Francis had colon surgery the previous year, rumours began to circulate that he would resign as Pope. In response, Francis said to a Spanish radio station that the concept of resigning “hadn’t even entered my mind.”

Regarding the most recent round of rumours over Politi’s impending departure, he said, “At this moment, it is a matter of being realistic and not alarmist.”

He stated that it was ‘hard to imagine that Pope Francis would step down while the Synod of Bishops was still in session. The Synod of Bishops is an initiative that is significant to Francis and is intended to study how the Church can move forward in a way that is more inclusive. It is scheduled to be finished in 2023.

Alberto Melloni, a professor of Christianity and the secretary of the John XXIII Foundation for Religious Sciences in Bologna, told AFP that the speculations over the pope’s health and his intentions were “preposterous.”

“These are topics in which there is a want to understand, to guess, but there is little to say,” he remarked. “There is little to say, but there is a need to understand, to conjecture.”

Concerns over the pope’s health and the stability of his papacy have been heightened as a result of the sudden postponement of the trip, which had just been confirmed the day before, on May 28.

Francis, who is now in the sixth month of his 86th year, has been confined to using a wheelchair for the last several weeks, and it is becoming more apparent that his strength is deteriorating.

The only issue that remains is to what degree this is the case.

As he has said on multiple times, the answer to that question will determine whether or not he chooses to follow in the footsteps of Benedict XVI and retire from his position as Pope.

“I will obey the Lord in everything that he instructs me to do. Pray, and strive to know what God’s will is.

But I don’t think Benedict XVI is an isolated incident by any means “Francis expressed these things in May 2014 during a news conference that took place when he was flying back from the Holy Land.

“Back in the previous century and a half, there were almost no such things as retired bishops. And at this point, we have an abundant supply of them. What will become of the popes after they have retired? I think that we need to look at (Benedict) as an institution because he opened a door, the door to retired popes, and he established a precedent “During that time, Francis had this to say.

Pope Francis Resigns
Pope Francis Resigns

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