Manny Machado Injury

Manny Machado Injury: The following day, in the first inning of a game that would end up being the third consecutive loss, Manny Machado ran up the first base line after hitting a slow grounder onto the grass between the plate and the pitcher’s mound, and the only Padres player more important than Tatis sprained his left ankle after crossing the bag.

(You probably shouldn’t complain about the most durable player in the big leagues taking it easy on apparent outs from time to time anymore, should you? Because there he was, attempting to make something happen for his struggling team when he had very little chance of being safe, and look what happened.)

Manny Machado Injury
Manny Machado Injury

Machado hit a dribbler in front of home plate, and Colorado starter Antonio Senzatela retrieved it. Senzatela then threw Machado out at the first base. Machado was attempting to get out of a jam when he stepped on first base with his left foot, which subsequently slipped over the bag. After tripping to the ground and turning his ankle as his foot fell on the earth, he grasped his ankle in agony as he was falling the ground.

Flaherty said that he would have a better understanding of Machado’s condition after the club has returned to San Diego. Flaherty has advised that “we have to wait for the swelling to go down and for him to be treated.” “By [Monday], we should have a better understanding of that,” the speaker said.

Machado is enjoying a productive season so far, batting.

He played in 65 games and had a batting average of 329, with 12 home runs, 46 RBIs, and seven stolen bases, all of which led the club. This placed him in contention for National League Most Valuable Player. Since he has carried San Diego while Fernando Tatis Jr. remains on the disabled list, someone else will have to take up the slack in Machado’s absence in order to continue the winning streak.

Machado has not yet been put on the disabled list by the Padres, but it would seem that the club is preparing to do so in the near future. According to Jeff Sanders, a key infield prospect for the Padres named CJ Abrams has been taken out of the lineup for the Padres’ Triple-A affiliate team. Sanders also mentions that it seems as if Abrams will be traveling to San Diego in the near future.

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To this point, Machado, who is 29 years old, has been considered the leading candidate for the Most Valuable Player award in the National League. In his first 65 games, he had racked up a slash line of.329/.401/.548 (175 OPS+), along with 12 home runs and 17 doubles. He was scheduled to play on Sunday. According to the calculations done by Baseball-Reference, his services were assessed to be worth a total of 4.0 Wins Above Replacement. This is the greatest total among position players in the major leagues.

Abrams, who is 21 years old, made his debut in the major leagues earlier this season. He played in 20 games and had an OPS+ of 60, batting.182/.270/.273 with one home run and one steal (on two attempts). His problems were not unexpected since he played in just 42 games at the Double-A level in the previous season before sustaining an injury that ended his season. When Abrams was moved up to the Triple-A level, his performance improved significantly, as he hit.314,.364, and.507 with seven home runs and 10 stolen bases in 30 games.

Manny Machado Injury
Manny Machado Injury

In the foreseeable future, the Padres will allegedly deploy Abrams and Ha-Seong Kim on the left side of their infield. This comes after the team lost their great shortstop Fernando Tatis Jr. earlier this season.

Sunday’s defeat by the Rockies to the Padres capped up a three-game sweep for the Rockies. They started the day behind the Los Angeles Dodgers for first place in the National League West by just a half-game.

The Padres are off to a great start this season thanks to their MVP-caliber efforts, as seen by the fact that they entered today with a record of 41-26, trailing the Dodgers in the NL West division by just a half-game. In spite of this, the infield depth will be put to the test without Machado, as the team has been playing through the absence of Fernando Tatis Jr., who is currently working his way back from an injury he sustained over the offseason.

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Ha-Seong Kim has been doing most of the work at shortstop, while Jake Cronenworth has been playing second base. Even though Sergio Alcantara has a batting line of just.171/.195/.256 for the year and hasn’t done much better in his career, he has been serving as the reserve infielder and utility infielder for the team. Jurickson Profar has a great deal of experience playing in the infield, but he has spent the whole season in left field and is enjoying the most success offensively of his entire career.

It is possible for him to be integrated into the infield rotation, but the club could be reluctant to do so in order to preserve his rhythm. C.J. Abrams had a rough start to his career in Major League Baseball (MLB), but he has turned things around at Triple-A after being optioned there.

Manny Machado Injury
Manny Machado Injury

On Twitter, Dr. David Chao, who once served as the senior team physician for the NFL’s Chargers, said that he believes Machado averted a fracture but sustained a serious sprain and that he may be out for a longer period of time than Tatis Jr. The precision with which Chao rapidly diagnoses injuries based on video footage obtained from has earned him a stellar reputation.

It won’t matter who succeeds Machado since his replacement will unquestionably be a step-down. This is not a criticism of any of the other players; rather, it is a demonstration of how much better Machado has been than anybody else so far this season. It seemed very improbable that Machado would be able to keep up that pace, given that his batting average on balls in play for the year was.366, which was far higher than his lifetime record of.300. There is no question that the Padres will have a difficult time coping with the effects of this injury, despite the fact that all teams have to deal with the issue of injuries throughout the course of a season.

Machado had a particularly outstanding year in 2020, as he achieved career highs with a.304 batting average and a.950 OPS, in addition to hitting 16 home runs and driving in 47 runs in only 60 games. It was good enough for him to finish third in the vote for Most Valuable Player on a team that finished with the third-best record in the major leagues.

A club that is filled with youthful talent may benefit from the value that the five-time All-Star and two-time Gold Glove award winner gives both offensively and defensively, as well as from the experience that is so desperately needed.

Since 2014, Machado has not missed more than ten games in a single season, and he has participated in each and every game that was feasible three times during his career. This season, the only other Padres besides Alcantara and Ha-Seong Kim who have played third base for the team are both of those players.

Manny Machado Injury
Manny Machado Injury

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