Lucas Radebe Kids

Lucas Radebe Kids: The legendary South African footballer Lucas Radebe looks to be experiencing marital happiness with his second wife, Thobela Silver, as they appear to be taking advantage of all that life has to offer. After the passing of Radebe’s first wife, Feziwe, the couple didn’t get together for a few years. After dating for a while, Lucas and Thobela decided to make their relationship permanent by exchanging vows.

The wedding took place in 2015, and ever since then, the pair has not been able to live their lives apart from one another. In addition to this, the arrival of their daughter Jessica Radebe has helped to solidify their love for one another. The pair has been married for seventeen years and counting, and it seems that they have no intention of ending their partnership any time soon.

Lucas Radebe Kids
Lucas Radebe Kids

At the time of his birth on April 12th, 1969, he was given the name Lucas Valeriu Ntuba Radebe. His birthday is April 12th. Lucas Radebe was born in the Diepkloof neighbourhood of Soweto, which is also the neighbourhood in which he spent his childhood. He is one of Emily Radebe and Johannes Radebe’s 11 children. Together, they have 11 children.

Lucas began his educational career in his community, and he remained a student at the Bopasenatla Secondary School there until the age of 15. When he was getting set to attend grade 10, the rising star was sent to a former homeland known as Bophuthatswana. His parents believed that this would be the best way to protect their son from the Diepkloof Zone Four area, which was seen to be dangerous. After moving there, he enrolled in Ngotwane High School, which is located relatively near to Zeerust.

The football player who is now retired spent the first part of his career playing goalie for the Kaizer Chiefs. Then on, he began his career as a defender but later switched to playing the midfield position. During his games, he was easy to see since he wore shirt number 19, which stood out. Anyone who has a love for the game and has ever seen him play would tell you that he was a skilled and brilliant defender who played with a lot of enthusiasm and skill.

The world-famous player, who is now retired, was nurtured in Soweto by his parents after being born there. Johannes is known to be his father, while Emily is known to be his mother. He attended Ngotwane High School, where he was very involved in the football programme and played the position of wide receiver.

His professional career got off to a good start when he signed up with Kaizer Chiefs as a goalie. Because of his tenacity and talent, he moved towards the middle of the field instead of playing defence. After some time, he switched to defence. The well-known player was sold to Leeds United in 1994 for a transfer price of two hundred and fifty thousand pounds. Between the years 1998 and 1999, Lucas was promoted to the role of squad captain.

The accomplished soccer player’s first wife, Feziwe Faith Radebe, passed away in 2008 after the couple had been married for a significant amount of time.

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He was left to raise his two children by himself when she abandoned the family. Following a period of time spent grieving the loss of his beloved wife, in 2015 he wed his second wife, Thobela Silver Radebe, and since then the pair has been blessed with two gorgeous children. Lucas’s children are named Lucas Jr. Radebe, Jessica Radebe, Ofentse Radebe, and Owami Radebe. In all, Lucas has four children.

In the year 2021, Lucas Radebe has a net worth of around $13 million. He is one of the former players for the South African National team that has the most accomplishments to their name. He also made certain that he makes prudent use of his money and that he continues to live a comfortable lifestyle.

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Lucas Radebe Kids
Lucas Radebe Kids

Since he was a little boy, Lucas Valeriu Ntuba Redebe, better known simply as Lucas Radebe, had a deep affection for the sport of soccer. Diepkloof Wolf Wanderer was Lucas Radebe’s first team in South African football when he debuted with the national team. After playing for the amateur team ICL Birds, he was recruited by the Bophuthatswana soccer team Kiazers Cheifs to take the position of goalkeeper for the team. Later on, he moved into the central midfield position, and eventually, he settled into the centre-back position.

As a senior player with the Kaizers, he appeared in 113 matches and scored 5 goals over the course of 5 seasons. Leeds United FC was interested in him because of his exquisite, acrobatic scissor play and man-marking abilities. In 1994, Redebe became a defensive centre-back for Leeds united after signing a transfer contract with the club for a cost of £250,000. He also brought an African teammate with him.

After making his recovery from an injury in March of 1996, he was given the opportunity to play goalkeeper for Leeds United. Additionally, the FIFA Fair Play Award was bestowed to Radebe.

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In 1996, Bafana Bafana prevailed over other African teams to take first place in the African Cup of Nations. In 1998, Radebe was given the role of captain for Bafana Bafana. He served as the captain of the South African squad that competed in the FIFA World Cup in both 1998 and 2002. In recognition of his work toward eliminating racism in the sport of football, Radebe was presented with the FIFA Fair Play Award in the year 2000.

Lucas Radebe Kids
Lucas Radebe Kids

In 1994, Radebe agreed to play soccer for the Leeds United team in England and signed a contract to do so. In 1998, Radebe was given the role of captain for Leeds United. The members and fans of the club referred to him as “the Chief.” Additionally, many referred to him as “Rhoo.” During his tenure as captain, the team made significant advancements in the Premier League standings. At the conclusion of the 2005 football season, Radebe decided to call it a career as a professional football player.

After the end of apartheid, Radebe made his first appearance for the South African national team on July 7, 1992, when they competed against Cameroon in their first international encounter.

He had been sidelined for some time with a knee injury, but he had only just made a full recovery and was able to play for the South African squad that won the 1996 African Cup of Nations.

Additionally, Radebe led the South African national football team to victory in both the 1998 and 2002 FIFA World Cups while serving as the team’s captain for both tournaments. Both times, South Africa was unable to advance to the knockout rounds of the tournament; however, Radebe did manage to score during the 2002 tournament.

During his time playing for South Africa in an international competitions, he was awarded 70 caps and scored two goals. His last international match was on May 22, 2003, against England.

After he retired from the game, Radebe played an important role in South Africa’s successful quest to host the 2010 World Cup. Additionally, he could be seen serving as a commentator for South African television and for the coverage of the event that was provided by ITV.

Lucas Radebe Kids

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