Prepdeck. The Prepdeck is the latest gadget to hit the market when it comes to meal planning. Is it, however, really worth the time and effort? We’ll discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the Prep Deck in this blog article.


Ads touting a new meal-prep tool, the Prepdeck, have recently swarmed my Facebook and Instagram feeds. I’m a sucker for kitchenware, so I knew right away that I had to get it! The Prepdeck is a one-stop-shop for meal prep. The Prepdeck is a chopping board that doubles as a storage space for all of your meal-prepping supplies. The Prepdeck may take the place of a mandoline or zoodle machine when it comes to meal prep. The containers are labeled with measures, so there’s no need for measuring cups or spoons. I particularly enjoy this feature.”

It’s also convenient that all the tools fit on top of the containers so that you can slice veggies directly into the containers while they’re still fresh. The Prepdeck is one of my favorite kitchen gadgets, and I believe it makes dinner preparation and cleanup a breeze. Having everything in one place and being dishwasher safe are two of my favorite features. However, it does take up some counter space in the kitchen, but it may also save you a lot of time and money in the long run. Anyone starting in their first apartment or house would appreciate this as a present, in my opinion. Even though every entrepreneur that pitches on Shark Tank hopes to complete a deal with a Shark, they are occasionally forced to make the tough option of rejecting the Shark’s offer. In a recent episode of the award-winning program, Andrew Eburne, the creator of ‘PrepDeck,’ was driven to reject Kevin O’Leary’s offer to protect his company’s best interests.

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Online Reviews of Prepdeck

Review #1

This is a terrible product. When it finally arrived, it had the quality of a cheap “As Seen On TV” item and shouldn’t have cost more than 19.99, which is terrible considering I paid for it with my own money through Indiegogo. One use of the board has already left it with deeper scratches than a cheap Walmart board. There is no other place for the cups to sit than on top of the deck. I’m afraid the containers will break with use because they’re so cheap and thin. Having heard from others that their dishes warp in the dishwasher only heightens my anxiety. Avoid this product until it reaches the 20-dollar mark.

Review #2

This product delivers on its promises. As soon as you begin cooking, everything will be in place. It also makes you feel like a chef because everything is ready to go!


Because the cutting board detaches so easily, you can use it while the rest of the prep deck is still attached, giving you more space between ingredients (since it folds you can actually direct where everything is going).

With the lids and attachments, the containers have a great seal.

They open and close with ease on both sides (as long as you have them in there properly which is easy to adjust by wiggling it a bit).

Through the dishwasher, the measurements remained in place. After all, I didn’t want to lose any of my notes!


The measurements on the containers are great, but I’d prefer if they were black so I could see them better.

The container lid seals can be broken off. It’s easy to put them back, but watch out for the seal when you remove the lids.

It’s only possible to place the smallest containers in the prep deck when they’re full. However, you must remove it from the prep deck in order to view the dimensions. So you’ll have to hold it and pour things into it while keeping an eye on the measurements. To check how much you’ve put in, it’s difficult because the bottom of the container is round.

Packaging: everything comes wrapped in plastic!

Cutting board creases and the “step” to the trash area make it difficult to get small items into the trash without picking them up. Additionally, the trash drawer is open on the top, requiring that you clean both the top and the drawer after use.

Prep deck works as expected, but there were a few things that could have been better executed. (Please note that the phone stand is not included, as stated in the product description.)

Review #3

The fact that my RV came equipped with a nice, compact kitchen unit was one of my favorite features. Packaged neatly with all the essentials. However, I am returning the prep station after using it for several weeks. The built-in utensils are dull, which is my main gripe. Sharp knives, guillotines, and graters are my kitchen’s worst sins. Because of the utensils, this prep station didn’t work out for me. When I used the guillotine to cut an onion, it made about five good slices before shredding the remainder. Carrots are the same way. After that, nothing was going to cut cleanly anymore. The grater had the same issues for me.

Because of its portability and ease of use, I was willing to make the investment in this system. There is no point if I have to use the high-quality cutlery and other utensils I already own. I’m not going to keep this organizer because it’s so expensive.

Review #4

Individually, I’m a bit of an obsessive kitchen gadget hoarder (except the greens stripper). It’ll be convenient to have everything in one spot because it’s currently dispersed throughout a large portion of the kitchen. One of the main reasons I purchased this was so that I could use the large bins as dredging stations for the Pop Up Fire Pit. Because I despise cleaning cake pans and pie plates, I’m hoping these will be big enough to fit most of the food I plan to fry.

This is a great start! Grating, microplaning, slicers, lids and cutting boards have all been used. That cutting board is incredibly useful, to say the least. My sharpest knife has yet to leave any marks, and even beets didn’t stain it, unlike the Boos. At the very least, I am confident that my cleaver won’t be ruined by any chickens or bones. Pull it out, throw things away, and wipe it clean. Since I have a loaf of very seedy bread, I’ve started using it to make sandwiches. It used to take a long time to clean the counters, but now it only takes a few seconds. If you’re a big fan of bagels, this might be worth the price of admission on its own.

Cleaning up the leftover meat and vegetables was something else that used to take a long time for me. If there is a big enough mess, I’ll use the trash slot, but so far I haven’t had one. Instead, I use one of the large cups to collect garlic and onion skins, fat off-cuts, and other meaty bits before simply dumping them in the trash. I’m thinking about using the large drawer as a storage solution after all. Alternatively, you could mount a tension rod in the slot and save up the ends of your paper towels for easy cleanup by mounting a tension rod in that slot. A roll of 20 or 30 might be sufficient because the drawer isn’t particularly tall.

Although no one will mistake this for walnut even from a short distance, if you have 1980s-era cabinets, it could still add a touch of class (see pic).

A couple of nitpicks are in order:

With the exception of the juicer and peeler, all of the lids and gadgets in the accessory drawer look nearly identical from the front, making it difficult to grab one by accident. Faces can’t be seen clearly due to their close proximity.

The containers’ lids don’t fit very well. In the dishwasher, I had the same problem with a popped gasket that was easy to repair.

Overall, it’s a fantastic piece of equipment!

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